September 30, 2016

MWOTR Cero the Rhino D-Con Prototypes + Web Sale!

If you've been creeping around the bushes of MWOTR Headquarters like your Crazy Uncle SpiderEarth you've been noticing a lot of work lately, preparing for Designer Con happening Mid-November in California.  You've seen a lot of this and that, and if you weren't to careful, you may have lost your foot or some other appendage in a silicone mold.  It's a vicious world out there, and sometimes only the strong survive.

But getting to serious business, a lot of the business surrounding the camp has been about getting their newest character ready, and as you can see, he's no easy task.  Cero the Rhino is looking to be a monster release, as as you can see, as I first thought, this massive mini-figure is one big solid slug of resin gorgeousness.  Whether or not these are previews for an official Glyos-compatible production sometime down the road, I am not sure, but right now you can't look at these guys and not be impressed.

You see larger scale mini-figures move to other formats when the size gets too large.  Whether that's vinyl or sofubi, it always seems to take away from the initial design and concept single cast mini-figures create.  You've seen it with Electric Monarchy earlier this year.  You can accomplish something big, chunky, and beautiful without having to move from the medium, and I think Mystical Warriors of the Ring is doing just that with this character.

And as great as it is to see this guy get fleshed out for his Designer Con launch, there is talk about an online sale for fans and collectors prior or during Designer Con, who can't make it to the convention - maybe something a certain island country that does a lot of amazing keshi should consider.  This is all speculation, but I feel with enough interest, it may just happen and the rhino will break free sooner than later.

As always, if you want more information or just to keep in the know, please follow the link below, and don't forget to take a look through their store front to see if anything catches your eye.  It's always a good idea to support creative minds.  Also, if you would be so kind, drop your email into the box on the side there to subscribe to all my nonsense and updates.

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