September 10, 2016

Dropped But Not Forgotten! HealeyMade! DRWG! Rufus!

The Hex by HealeyMade
I'm telling you guys, I'm pretty trash at this.  I really enjoy reaching out and expressing some of my weirder feelings about stuff, but anything creative past that is just throwing turds at the wall.  I spent all day thinking up a decent title for this news format, and queue the failure game show sound, you get the first installment of 'Dropped But Not Forgotten'.

The Assassin by DRWG Co.
I'm not sure that name really describes everything very well either, but in essence, I needed a title to wrap around a few drops and releases that I missed to discuss in any proper length.  Some weeks there is nothing going on.  Some weeks there's just one or two things going on and I can cover that pretty well.  This week everything is happening, and I'm doing a pretty miserable job trying to mention it all.  So, with my dearest apologies for not covering them fully, here are a few recent keshi releases that I flew by me the first time.

Prolific bootlegger and designer HealeyMade released the flesh set of his gorgeous The Hex mini-figure cast in resin, with proportions and definitions that make you wonder Onion Who?

DRWG Co. just released the Secret Chief III "The Assassin" mini-figure following the beloved and successful Librarian.  If you like your keshi chunky and chibi, please check out this amazing artist.

Mr. Softy by After Midnight Studios
Finally, Rufus of After Midnight Studios is looking to release a new version of his Mr. Softy mini-figure at the Tenacious Toys booth during New York Comic Con.  If you enjoy your resin a little on the ruder side, like you know Keshi Drop does, do make sure you keep Rufus on your radar.

That's it for the first episode of 'Dropped But Not Forgotten' and wow that's a terrible name!  But do make sure you show some support and love by checking out their links below and buying up their toys so they can keep on keeping on.

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