September 23, 2016

Dropped But Not Forgotten! Uncut! Onion! Violence! AshMade!

The Bad News Rad Uncle by Uncut
Hey, everyone!  SpiderEarth back again with another awfully titled update showcasing a lot of news pieces that I've failed to cover in any proper length.  It hasn't been a terribly busy week, per se, but all these interesting teasers or drops occurred one after the other, so a format like this felt more fitting.  So let's take a look at everything in store today!

For starters, Super Festival 72 is just a couple days away, and with that, comes a lot of news and updates from one of Japan's bigger keshi-friendly conventions.

Fantas by Onion Fights
I have two mini-figures today to showcase.  The first is from Uncut, with their Evil Dead inspired The Bad News Rad Uncle mini-figure in various colorways.  Uncut's stuff is always red-hot and if you've always enjoyed their stuff, I'm sure this is new mini is on your must-have list too.

The second is a rather intimidating clown character called Fantas from Onion Fights.  Must like Uncut, Onion Fights makes a lot of stuff American collectors, as well as everyone else in the world, just drool all over.  It is certainly not uncommon to find any post of theirs on any social media website or application with someone asking if they will ship internationally.  Frustratingly, Onion Fights keep to their Jiro Dreams of Sushi ways and almost require plane tickets to acquire.

Thankfully the next two are much easier to pick up if you're interested.

Various Characters by Violence Toy
The first is news of a new independent toy line called Violence Toy reaching costs for full-scale PVC production.  This is very exciting, in a number of ways.  Firstly, this could mean there is another big player in the keshi scene, bringing new collectors in with them, and inspiring and collaborating with keshi veterans.  Secondly, these mini-figures look really great.  I love that rude, crude, mutant thing and these guys look like what I'd expect Kinnikuman would like after a nuclear explosion.  Certainly keep this project on your radar.

Kabuki Karakasa by Ashmadethis/DRWG Co/Tru:Tek
The last but certainly not the least today is a collaborative effort between Ashmadethis, DRWG Co, and Tru:Tek called Kabuki Karakasa, and as a fan pointed out on Instagram, this is very much the missing piece in the classic Monster In My Pocket line.  This guy fits absolutely perfect with them, and if I didn't already know better, I would have assumed it was from a 1990's set to begin with.  Whether you are a casual collector or this one is making you feel your set is now incomplete, I would certainly suggest you tracking it down.

Links for Kabuki Karakasa and everything else I've mentioned today are right here below, and it would warm my heart if you clicked on them and showed all the great independent toy artists out there some love.

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