September 16, 2016

Mystical Warriors Of The Ring Reveal Cero The Rhino!

Even Goliath (left) is amazed at how good Cero (right) looks!
The crew at Mystical Warriors of the Ring have been busy brewing up some new things behind the scenes for Designer Con next month.  It's been a little teaser for this, a little teaser for that, and it's very hard to predict any of it because they always seem to have more than one surprise.

Maybe today's reveal cuts down on that a little, as the brand new mini-figure Cero the Rhino has taken it's first breath on The Interwebz. and what an attractive first look!

Look at the size comparison between him and Goliath and that classic arms-to-the-side MUSCLE/Kinnikuman pose.  Granted he's in black, but I'm not seeing any clear lines showing he's a multi-part figure.  Could he be one heavy-duty slug?  Wow, this guy would rocket up the wrestling rankings in my mind if that was the case, but I suppose only time will tell.  It's certainly has gained my attention, that's for sure.

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