September 1, 2016

Glyos Bit Figs Go On Sale At Culture Pirates Webstore!

If I titled this 'SpiderEarth: the Hypocrite', I don't think it would be the first time.  I don't think it would be the second time or maybe even the third.  I've been so awful about contradicting myself from 2014 to this point, I don't know if that makes me the worst person imaginable for politics or the best, and this election year is making it even harder to figure out.

That aside, the point I wanted to make was that I've always been a supporter of the men and women in the vending machine business.  Vending machine toys have always been an important part of my nostalgia with keshi mini-figures growing up.  I've said this before, but I really doubt my MUSCLE/Kinnikuman mini-figures were legit.  I'm almost sure they were vending machine bootlegs, as I distinctively remember the Monster In My Pocket were in the toy isle and the strange pink wrestlers were in the machines on the way out.  So, as an extension of that, I do still drop a quarter or few in some machines carrying mini-figures.  It's not always worth the price, but a part of me hopes that someone will notice and stock more things keshi-like.  And I would implore you to do the same, except HOLY CRAP some really hot news dropped today.

Not all that long ago, I covered Onell Design's desperate attempt to atone for their multi-parted sins.  In an alternate dimension I refuse to admit is not this one, Glyos has nearly collapsed financially, like a bunch on jerks with wax wings.  They depended too heavily on their stupid pegs and stupid interchangeable parts, and when the great cosmic keshi lord (a slug I had mentioned before) gazed upon them, they nearly escaped it's ultimate wrath.  And in this alternate reality, where one stupid blogger is not a stupid blogger, but a king of keshi-dom, my slug-molded army attacked the Glyos empire in a giant domino effect of knocking each other over until the walls were breached, we soundly defeated them.  Now, as slaves to Keshi Drop and the great cosmic keshi lord, they make Bit Figs and all is right with the world.  Hooray!

Enough History for one day.  What I actually came to share was that despite the news that Bit Figs were hitting vending machines near you, they are surprisingly hitting the Culture Pirates web-store near you too.  And while I first got the feeling of 'Oh, man, there goes the fun of it!', there's nothing stopping anyone from enjoying both sides of it.  In fact, that's probably the best bet.  Although sets are super affordable (less than a flimflam for each figure), you'll be saving on shipping costs hitting up the vending machines.  The flip side of that however, is that Culture Pirates have all the limited editions and extra loot.  So it might be one of those things that you get your commons from one place and your chases from another.

Do take a look around the Culture Pirates site.  It's got some pretty cool swag - buttons, stickers, and everything else you could want to remind you of the world before Glyos was defeated.

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