September 11, 2016

The Grossery Gang! Crusty Chocolate Bar Review!

Hey guys!  I recently had a weekend out of town and I came across a store selling some brand new Grossery Gang blind bags.  You know me, I couldn't refuse and for the price, I couldn't really leave without a good handful either.

It seems like Moose Toys has all sorts of designs for their packaging.  I looked for the fountain drink cup one, but I was still happy I found the chocolate candy bar one.  And I must say, when it come to theme, these guys are really awesome about that.  They really drive home the gross food thing in every category, but how does the rest stack up?

Under the wrapper is a fun, rather surprisingly heavy-duty plastic capsule resembling the candy bar advertised on the package.  It's certainly a good touch, but I wonder how much of a waste it is.  Of course, as well as being part of the theme, it keeps people from squeezing the packaging and discovering the hard rubber ultra rares, but once the mini-figures are out, what can you really do with it?  Maybe it's a little paint well or something to store some jewelry?  Ultimately, it's a shame a lot of these probably find the bottom of a trash bin, because there is little use for something this small.

Under the plastic chocolate, we get the checklist and two random mini-figures.  Not pictured is the giant checklist showing all 100-120 gang members in this series, and it strikes me just to how daunting it is to collect a set of this stuff.  A nice note from the checklist however is a little mention of Trash Pack on the top exclaiming The Grossery Gang is 'from the world The Trash Pack', and how true that is.

The mini-figures themselves are exactly, one-hundred percent, what anyone familiar with Trash Pack miniatures would expect.  As I really felt, this new toy line is, in all intents and purposes, a relaunch of an old favorite, and this proves it.  Commons are small, soft, and receive some paint applications.  Rarer ones get a harder rubber cast, with flocking, glow in the dark, metallic, or some other extra touch.  You can tell from the image above, in my lot I got a flocked ultra rare of some rank pineapple or something.

If you loved Trash Pack, you'll love these guys.  If you weren't thrilled with them in the past, for one thing or another, they have done almost nothing to change anything.  I, personally, have a soft spot for this stuff, so I might be throwing some more chump change their way, especially if I can find the fountain drink set.

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  1. I enjoy buying these, they're cute in their own way. My favorites are the flocked ones because they feel like peaches when you touch them lol