September 6, 2016

Onell Design's Bit Figs Trophy Set Review!

Welcome back, everyone!  It's apparently a rapid round of reviews and whatnot.  I really don't mind and I hope you don't either.  Today we received some more mail, maybe not as mysterious and puzzling as October Toys' recent package, but let's check it out all the same.  If you haven't already read up about it, scroll down to the article about October Toys' recent release.  It was very bizarre and I enjoyed it a lot.  Now let's move on and look at some Bit Figs from Onell Design.

The first thing you may notice is the golden bronze all these figures have.  This is the limited edition trophy set, and I'm lucky to have ordered a set while I could because it now sold out.  I've said it a million times, whether it's for limited editions or just normal drops, you gotta' be right there with your Paypal ready.  It's no rarity that a variant will drop and will completely sell out forever between the very moment it goes live to only a couple days later.  The Candy Bolton variant of Bukk*ke sold within moments that night.  The first Goliath was gone in just hours, and this trophy set was bought up in a couple days.  The only way you can take a passive approach to all this is that if you fund the project at it's very roots with Kickstarter for example, but only if one's available.  However, hopefully you were able to get a set if you wanted one, otherwise there are plenty of regular sets still available that come with rare figures as well.

Moving on to the review of the set particularly, you know there's something fundamentally wrong with me if the first thing I do with a plastic baggie full of new Bit Figs is to take a good whiff.  Why we have to hit up that first of the senses is beyond me, but that certain kind of PVC always smells so good to me.  Hits the right spot.  Some people smell their wine or beer.  Some even candles and spices.  Heck, you may even see some take a whiff off particular plant products.  Now, imagine this jerk doing the same with baggie full of mini-figures.  Admit it: it's not that strange.

Out of the packaging, these mini-figures are solid PVC with about an inch or more of height.  I would suggest they scale really well with ToyFinity's Mordles, but are a bit small and short for most anything else.  I would suppose this was with vending machine capsules in mind.  After all, that's a huge inspiration of this line and the only other place to find these besides the Culture Pirate web-store.  It's something to certainly keep in mind, despite how much I really wanted these guys to reach up another inch or so.

Looking into the designs of both the animal set and the ninja set included there's some real math in their depth and shape.  I think those who just see the video game pixel graphic style and suggest it was automatically calculated and made my a program are off on the wrong foot.  I'm willing to bet there is a dry erase board somewhere in Bit Fit Headquarters with just numbers written all over it.  Now I do believe they were sculpted and prototyped through 3D printing, the end result is a lot more cleaner.

Bit Figs are impressive for what they are designed to accommodate.  Some would to gripe about the size, but conflicting thoughts come to mind.  They would never fit in vending machine capsules, for starters, and if I plunked down a few coins for one of these guys out of a machine, I would give it nearly perfect remarks.  Compared to other things you find in machines, these guys blow them out of the water, and that's including the tiny little wrestler bootlegs that got me back into the keshi community a few years ago.

From one day to the next, it's like night and day.  From absolute garbage Crazy Bones to some good quality Bit Figs, it couldn't be more apparent who cares about their product and it really couldn't be more obvious that it's Onell.

Order some to see firsthand for yourself and follow the links below for more information.

Also Adam over at The Glyos News Dump did a really good write-up on these as well, so do check out his work too!

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