January 5, 2015

Drop Down and Give Me Keshi!

Hot off their successful Kickstarter, the fine people at Brogamats are taking preorders for this interesting reimagining of the classic army men figure.

They are called Yoga Joes, and they certainly have character about them.  I'm not sure what sort of connection army men, in particular, have with yoga, but nevertheless, I'm always in favor of people getting outside and active, no matter what fashion.

One thing I enjoy seeing in these is the clever use of that ugly base in classic line.  Yoga Joes don't settle for blob of plastic around their army mens' feet to stay balanced.  They instead rework that into the yoga mat.  I'm not generally a fan of figure bases, but you can't have proper yoga exercises without the mats.

As cool and clever as these guys are, I do have a couple complaints.  These guys, at least from the few photos I've seen, look a bit too glossy.  I don't remember the originals being this glossy, however every toy factory with a pile of cheap green plastic made some, so maybe there were some that I've never seen.   Also, although the poses of the positions are spot on, the sculpting job on the figures themselves are rather subpar and blobby.  They have little to no details, outside what you may expect from cheap army men, but I think their aim with these guys was a little more than just that.

Regardless, good luck finding yoga army men anywhere else in the world but at www.brogamats.com so stop in and check themselves out for yourself.  They even have a hot pink variant if you're in need for something a little more limited edition.

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