January 31, 2015

Kinnikuman X Georgia Coffee Series Two!

Last year, Kinnikuman did a promotional deal with Georgia Coffee, where inside limited edition canisters of their coffee, they received one of six free Kinnikuman keshis.  These strange but cool figures were exclusive to the Japanese products, but they found themselves on trading forums and auction websites pretty quick.  A set even found a way to travel to my own collection, which was certainly a highlight of my collecting last year.

Well, it appears they are at it again, bigger and badder, with a second series!  I don't read Japanese, so someone please help me out on this one, but it looks like these limited edition cans with have a pair of promotion Kinnikuman keshi inside, depending on the character on the bubble.  And with eight bubbles, that brings the total miniature count of this series to a whopping sixteen!

That's pretty rad, if you ask me.  I really enjoyed the last set, so you best believe this set is high on the priority list.  I'll certainly be keeping an eye out on forums and auctions to see if they surface anytime soon, but I wonder, what sort of worth would this series generate?

The first set came out of the gate red hot.  It was getting top dollar for a Kinnikuman keshi, but as time went on, the market found there was more than enough of these guys in Japan to share with collectors everywhere else.  Series One is still very awesome to collect, and I believe you should, but it's not going to be your rare find.  I wonder if the same effect, if not more, will happen to this set.  That effect happened to a set of six.  This set is sixteen.  Are they flooding it or have they build enough interest with the first set to expand?  

Either way, I hope the promotional is successful and they continue what they are doing.  I sure will be looking out for this set, and future sets they release, really no matter how common.

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