January 3, 2015

Noboto Neo Phase review!

Hi guys, I am Mebbles, a new contributor on here at The Keshi Drop and I have a little review of a crazy awesome figure I got from Onell Design recently! Being by Onell, of course it's Glyos compatible, and that means it has a lot of movable joints and parts can be replaced. I was sure amazed how much this guy can move about! It even has wrist articulation!

   Ok, ok, I'll try to keep my hype level down a tad, but it's always awesome to get a figure that you haven't got something from before. The color of the variant I got is a dazzling transparent green that is very pleasing to the eye. The height of the figure is pretty small as you can see, but I think it's a perfect size, especially for people that like keshi or keshi-like sizes. It comes with a different head that has another eye style and also some extra pieces to do stuff with (which I am unsure what to do with since I don't have any other Glyos thing to modify and I am happy on how this guy looks outside right outside the bag).

  All together, the figure comes with 19 parts, which amazes me how much of that is the highly articulated figure itself!

If you too are interested in Onell Design stuff check out their website here:


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