January 15, 2015

Purist Ramblings: Resin Revelation!

I need to come clean about being an idiotic hypocrite, again!  Get used to the disappointment, readers, it's not going to be the last time.  Far from it, I bet.  It's the SpiderEarth way.

So I was reorganizing my toy shelves when I came across my Kickstarter awards for funding the Kaiju Kaos game.  I covered them in a previous Toy Haul months ago, and I gave them glowing reviews.  And even today, I was still pleased in my preorder in these guys.  "I need to get more of these guys," I thought, so I jumped on the old computer and looked for a web store.

[Click.  Click.  Click.  Enter button.  Mouse wheel scroll.]

"$8 each.  Not too shabby," I thought, reading the screen.  "These are hand-sculpted, hand-molded, hand-poured, limited edition color resin castings by Acheson Creations...  Oh, my freaking god!  They are resin?!?!"

What a dumb jerk I am!  If not a dumb jerk, just so incredibly ignorant about the broad scope of toy making, even in the minifigure style.  I had given Kaiju Kaos loving praise for their awesome sleek and sturdy plastic figure, when they were never made of plastic at all.  Those couple Kaiju Kaos figures on my shelf next to my Kinnikuman have been resin all along, while I rant and rave how crappy I felt that medium was.

I had no idea resin could be that good and close to plastic.  I have some other resin minifigures that really don't look like plastic or rubber, but you learn something new everyday.  Resin can be pretty damn cool, and thus, I have brought all my resin stuff into the collection.

Thanks Kaiju Kaos!  I knew I needed to accept resin.  I knew it was just a matter of time, but I was just unsure when and how.  Today and because of your awesome work.  

Check out there fine minis by clicking this link below


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