January 30, 2015

Winter Wonderfest 2015 Shamrock Arrows!

If you thought the last few drops I've covered were easy-peasy, well I have a challenge for you!
Wonder Festival is a toy convention that happens twice a year in Japan.  It's big selling point, among the sea of vendors, are the one-day license limited editions.  These guys are just that done by the amazing artists at Shamrock Arrow.

These two packs are color variants previously released at the last Wonder Festival, and include some of the more gorgeous keshi in the world.

I have limited knowledge about the Japanese studio, Shamrock Arrow, but I am already a fan.  At first, I had actually confused their miniatures as Zoomoth's, but in fact, I guess I wasn't the only one.  I've seen multiple eBay auctions incorrectly listing them as Zoomoth.  I suppose, if nothing else, it makes you wonder if it's a new studio from a familiar artist or just a team equally as talented.

Wonder Festival is February 8th, and that will be the only time these sick puppies will be able to be sold.  If you can't make it there, you'll may be looking at a giant price increase on the secondary market.  A mule would be the most reasonable option, but still these guys, and getting these guys, are hardcore.

I personally love this quality of stuff.  Zoomoth is one of my favorite studios and these guys rocket Shamrock Arrow right up there too.  I would love to travel to Japan sometime, meet the artists, and throw wads of yen at them for these gorgeous keshi, but at this time, it may not be in the budget.  One day, I hope.  Of course, when I do, I'll cover every bit of it for the blog.

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