January 31, 2015

MWOTR Evolution Goliath Review!

So, the time has come!  I have received the sold-out metallic green Goliath minifigure from the Mystical Warriors of the Ring line today in the mail.  I have it in my hands.  I can smell it with my nose.  So let's do this already and review it, no holds barred!

First off, the color looks great.  It's a very natural and fitting choice for this character, however I never really felt the standard flesh tone took away from the figure.  I was curious and somewhat suspicious to see it launch in this green, but I think it works well.

The details are nice, but maybe a bit too safe in some areas.  Maybe this can lend itself to the Glyos compatibly, because I'd love to see a Goliath head and face that tells us what sort of character this guy is.  Is he cruel or kind?  He's certainly huge, and really that's all he conveys for me.  I do really like his elbow pads, however, which I have forgotten to show, but the gator logo on them is a pretty awesome touch.

He feels really nice in my hands.  There's quite a lot of weight to this guy and even pieces like his tail don't feel like an afterthought.  As a complete figure, he's pretty chunky and spiky, and that's never a bad thing.  Sure, he'd never fit in a gumball capsule, but maybe in some alternate world, you could imagine this guy part of a "collect and built him yourself" set, which thinking now, may be a pretty neat idea.

I know how weird it's going to sound now that I gripe about it's lack of articulation, but don't lose me quite yet.  Sure, I would have loved one hunk of gator, but a good alternative to that, would be a hunk of gator in a sweet pose.  Goliath is full of all sorts of articulation:  head/neck, shoulder, wrists, tail, and legs, but I think it's missing some elbow love.  Bending this guy around, you get a few neat and interesting poses, except when you want this guy to grapple another character of the MWOTR line.  He sort of Frankensteins forward, and I think an elbow cut before or after the elbow pad would have helped him out with that, just that much more, but this sort of stuff should really be the last thing I complain about.

And finally the smell - perfect.

Overall, MWOTR made a really decent figure, and what's strange is this guy is so adaptable, any gripes I had could be adjusted in future releases.  They could release a new, nasty, snarling, face, and some jointed elbows, and he could be a completely new figure.  That could be the most exciting part.  Will there be a hand with a steel chair in it?  Will there be arms with 80's arm tassels?  Who knows, but there's nothing stopping them.

With all the suspicion I gave it earlier, I think it changed my mind on most categories, at least the ones that matter the most.  And as inexpensive as they charged for this guy, he was vey much worth the review alone, but this guy certainly is in the collection, chilling out with the rest of his MWOTR brothers.

For more information, drop by their website and give them some love, and hopefully some greenbacks too.  Click the links below!


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