January 9, 2015

Hijacked By Beasts!

I'm not sure whether to apologize or just keep going with the flow, because we have even more Rise of the Beast updates and news!  If you're interested and enjoy this line, then great, I hope you've strapped in and ready for the ride.  If not, then I'm sorry, we'll get to other things soon.

I had covered yesterday some released photos of the upcoming second series of Rise of the Beasts.  The first series saw a rhino character along side a scorpion one, and yesterday we saw the new prototypes of the lion character and the lizard character.  They even had weaponry included, which I felt was the bonus moving from the first set to the second, but today we received a pleasant surprise.  Check out this awesome gorilla character!

Color me shocked to see a third character added to the mix!  With the first set only showcasing two figures, I guess I assumed that would be the format for moving forward, but who knows what to expect now!

And really, it's a pretty good time to be involved with this line, because very soon if not already, the single-mold, rubber-cast, lion prototypes I discussed last month have hit the Little Rubber Guys' web store.  Then, I was unsure of the quantities available, but now it looks like we have a definite number.

There are only fourteen of these suckers:  four light grey, four dark grey, and six bone tone with a wash.  So, for all you limited-edition freaks out there need to jump on these guys quick, because time is running out, if not already!  It's probably best to good look, just in case!

And these prototypes are actually a good sizable difference taller than what we can expect for the final product.  The picture below illustrates it pretty well, with the grey keshi powerhouse towering over the weak and pathetic multi-part pansy.  We keshi purists really know a beasts when we see it, am I right?  High five!  No?  No?  No one?

Run, preferably without scissors in your hands, but you're an adult and I won't be held responsible for your decisions, so do whatever you like, to the Rise of the Beast web store here!

EDIT:  One more character has been released since the writing of this post, bringing series two to a whopping four figures, so far, all with weapons, and who's to say it'll stop!  But check out this awesome ant character.  He certainly is my favorite so far.  It's hard to say whether he'll be allied with the scorpion character or not, but I think they can make a great team for causing some chaos.  Keep in mind this is another 3d printed prototype, and in fact, the antennae did not print properly, so keep all that into account with these early photos.

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