January 27, 2015

MWOTR Goliath Drop!

Get your checkbooks ready for today's super-big release!

Mystical Warriors of the Ring is dropping the first in their Evolution line with a shiny green Goliath figure.

This beautifully-shiny green guy is a sizable bit larger than the rest of the figures made, and he's also Gylos-compatible, which means he comes in a number of locking pieces, all of which interchange with other Gylos friendly figures.

Anyone that's been around here for any sort of time knows of the beating Keshi Drop has given poor Mark and his Evolution ideas, but you know what, things have happened since that Ramblings post.  We picked up some Mutant Mania, some Rise of the Beasts, and we found out some tricky minifigures were multi-parted but glued during production.  If nothing else, we learned that opinions and feelings can change awfully quick when you have the thing sitting in your hand.

It drops today, Tuesday January 27th, at Noon Central Time on their website.  Be there and be square, google the time differences if you need to, because I'm guessing this guy goes quick.  He's new, he's Glyos, he's shiny green - there's a lot to this guy people are really going to like.  You're gonna' have to make sure you're in the front of the line, and for only $6, there's really no reason why not to.

Give Mark and MWOTR some love and greenbacks at his webstore by clicking the link below!

As always, thanks for stopping by everyone!

UPDATE:  Goliath has sold out!  That's how it works in the keshi world, everyone!  You gotta' be ready for these drops and on point. Luckily, if you missed it, there will always been more color variants coming out to grab.  Just keeping checking in with the MWOTR website.

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