January 8, 2015

Moar Beasts Leaks!

If you enjoyed the first set of Rise of the Beasts minifigures that came out a couple months ago, you're in Beast Heaven right now.  Not only is there variants for the first set in the works, but a bevy of news and updates about the second release has been popping up all over their Instagram at @littlerubberguys.  Check them out and follow them.

Previously, I shared that the lion character below would be a part of the new set, but just today his partner was revealed.  Look at this awesome reptilian character!  He looks pretty damn cool, considering both guys in these photos are 3d printings and are very rough representations of the final product.  I certainly love the look of both character, but I hope both of them see tails, at least the lizard.

The weapons look to be a new addition to the new set, which would give these two rising beasts a clear advantage over your scorpion and rhino figures in the territory war for shelf space.  Luckily the rhinos and scorpions have been given time to amass an army, because when these two bad guys are released, they'll need it.

I'm not sure I how I feel about the removable weapons.  My knee-jerk reaction is somewhat negative, but these guys have continually proved me wrong and have gotten me to relax my standards, so I will certainly have to see them in person to really say one way or another.  While I may personally prefer the weapon being part of the arm mold, I can see where that is completely out-of-place in this line.

Haven't gotten on board yet?  Do these guys look awesome?  Well, you're in luck, visit the link below and check out the series one figures and prepare yourself for the rise of series two.

You can find your Rise of the Beasts goodness by clicking right here!

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  1. I like how these guys look like unpainted old school figures like He-Man; the weapons look real nice as well!