January 10, 2015

Toy Haul 01/10/15!

Boy, either it's me or there's something in the air when it comes to clear red plastic.  Welcome to the first Toy Haul of 2015 for me, but not really the first for the blog.  Mebbles received some awesome Glyos guys in the mail recently, so check out his review down below. 

Today's package is something of a follow-up from a previous look at had a Japanese promotional series between Square Enix's Final Fantasy property and Coca Cola, and with some luck on Ebay, I was able to get a sizable lot for nearly nothing.  

In that past blog, I had mentioned that limited edition bottles of the soda in Japan had little blind bags of these characters.  From what I could tell, every character from FFVII, FVIII, and FX was done in both a clear red plastic and a painted version.  Both variations has this ugly red base attached at the bottom, so I was curious to see them in person.

In hand, I was certainly impressed with these guys.  The red plastic used in the figure is soft and flexible, yet rigid in the body portions.  I would have to suggest it's nearly perfect, with negative marks for lacking a copious amount of glitter that deserves to be in any minifigure.  However, looking at these guys more detailed, there are some cheats here and there.  Not all the figures are single-mold.  Some arms on some characters, for example, are glued-on extra bits, and as I figured, the plastic base is of a different material and the figure is glued on top of it.

The plastic bases, as you could assume, are brutally bad.  They are made by lighter, cheaper, plastic, but the do have identification information on the bottom, even what version they are.  I suppose that a neat detail, but I would have to wonder what fans out there, chasing down these figures, wouldn't know who's who or could tell which ones were painted or not.

Even with the awful bases, these guys, at least the crystal red versions, are pretty neat.  The sculpt are very accurate and they aren't too small or big.  And, before too many give them attention, they are pretty cheap on the secondary market, considering they are both Japanese-exclusive and limited edition.  I certainly would suggest everyone to go out and check out your favorite Final Fantasy character in this form.  If nothing else, it's a pretty neat trinket for your desk.

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