January 29, 2015

Lil' Gotham Keshi Preorder!

The big talk around the keshi water-cooler is what's coming out of the Kotobukiya camp in Japan.  I have limited experience from these toy manufacturers, but I have a model from their Frame Arms line.  It's a giant plastic mecha akin to a Gundam, but also looking at their website and seeing what they have to offer, I would guess Kotobukiya would be a good comparison to NECA for us in the States.

What's got everyone buzzing is they have a keshi series on preorder.  Maybe this is something new for these guys, and that's why, either way, it's exciting to see something like this come up.  It's even being marketed as a throwback and homage to Kinnikuman, so we die-hard fans can only hope this sparks some interest on a wider scale.

The series is called Lil' Gotham and is an interesting style on the Batman franchise. I personally like the hard-cut, blocky, look of these guys.  They have an obvious anime influence, which isn't a bad thing at all, especially if you want them to match other traditional Japanese keshi more than your Handful of Heroes.

This 7 piece set is looking at a May release and is currently on preorder at AmiAmi.  Keep in mind, they are a Japanese webstore, so who knows how much shipping is and all that.  But, these guys may not find their way near us any other way.  For more information, check out the link below!

Lil' Gotham Preorders at AmiAmi

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