January 11, 2015

OMFG Series 5 Winners!

The voting for the community-based minifigure line, OMFG, has just wrapped up and voted have been tallied.  We have the cast of OMFG Series 5!  Gaze upon their awesomeness!

We're looking at something that may be looking at a release much later this year, but also not without another successful Kickstarter.  October Toys' fans have been able to support them for every project before, but that's what makes it so important to support early on.  If fans don't jump on projects like this early, and just wait to see when they are released, they may never make it to that point.

I, for one, have had a lot of success with Kickstarter funding.  Granted, yes, it's a slow turn-around, but imagine it more of a pre-order service with a certain minimum requirement.

A lot of great artists and designs came out of this batch with, in opinion, Illuminaughty leading the pack.  Without a doubt, if this character finds himself in PVC, I'll be running down as many variants as I can.  I just love the design and significance he had in a point of keshi collecting within me and how I viewed the scene early last year when I began.

I will certainly be sharing more updates with these guys when are looking for love on Kickstarter.

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