April 13, 2015

Baka Gaijin SpiderEarth Marvels At Inunakin Keshi!

You know, I advertise random insane ramblings, but I don't know, maybe I've fallen off the wagon with that one.  Maybe there was just so many other releases and stuffs going on, I just didn't have the time to be a weirdo on the Internet.  Let's fix that, at least for today.

Rummaging through Instagram, as I sometimes do when work is a little slow, I found this impressive-looking guy.  This character is called Inunakin, and he appears to be some priest-dog-superhero-guy, and despite how ludicrous that sounds and looks, I have to give three thumbs up to Mokyunosuke, who I believe sculpted and/or produced this, for such a stunning piece.

Sadly, my information is very limited.  Certainly, when it comes to posting here, I am really of the mindset of a collector and fanboy of keshi, not a news reporter particularly.  I just wanted to show everyone here how well-made this miniature looked, despite really knowing nothing about it.

This mini-figure reminds me of my earlier posts where I kind of touched upon what I felt was the artistic simplicity of keshi miniatures.  I suggested that, because of such a large amount restrictions, artists have to be very creative and inventive, thinking outside the box, to pull off effects common in other toy formats.  I see how the cape allows the right arm to be posed the way it is, and how the stance of his feet perfectly center his balance away from his staff.

My only criticism would be the rings in the staff.  They are obviously not molded into the staff, and more that likely are made separately and glued in.  It's certainly not a deal-breaker, because this figure is still very nice, I just would have liked seeing how the artist would have solved that puzzle.

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