April 9, 2015

Raisin The Dead Crystal Drop!

Bootlegger madman, The Angry Beast, has been flashing some impressive looking resin all over Instagram.  This one in particular, called Raisin the Dead, because he's equal parts Californian Raisin mini-figure and toy skull, had me in all sorts down memory lane.

I never was big into the Californian Raisins.  As an 80's kids, I remember their holiday specials were almost a must in December, but even still, I really couldn't be bothered to pull away from the staples of He-Man, Transformers, TMNT, and all the classic action figures stuffs.  They instead remind me of my grandparents.

I'm not sure if every family's parents or grandparents have that tiny collection of inherited toys, hanging out on the windowsill or placed on the edge of a desk. Some may even still have a box nearby for the grandchildren to paw through, just in case.  Either way, I'm pretty sure my grandparents weren't the only ones to have random figures laying around, and I distinctly remember a collection of Californian Raisin mini-figures, just like the one used for his arms and legs here.  

It's awesome to see them breathe new life here.  If you're into resin and custom bootlegs, the see-through Crystal variant of this mini-figure is dropping in his web-store sometime this weekend.  Along with grabbing the brand new one, check to see if his green and purple variants are still available and snag them out too!  Here's the link!


  1. Hey! Great blog and thanks for the post on my Raisins! FYI the Crystal Skull Edition is now live on my site.

    1. Anytime dude. Hopefully your stuff sells out!