April 7, 2015

Heroes In My Pocket Prototypes Hit Auctions?!

As you might know, a Monster In My Pocket relaunch has been in the works for some times now.  We've even seen some strange happenings of speculated prototypes of the new series hitting the French Ebay.  Well, a couple more prototypes have found their way onto auctions, but still, there is something even odder.

Shown in the picture here, this new MIMP line of toys and toons might be going under a different name.  It looks like the people behind this project has secured the Heroes In My Pocket name, which is a little peculiar.  It's nothing something that really rolls off your tongue.  It surely doesn't give the same sort of image as Monster In My Pocket does or did.

The word 'hero' in HIMP coveys a larger than life sense of power and bravery.  I'm not sure that really meshes well with 'in my pocket'.  MIMP were actually indeed, tiny monsters with tiny adventures.  HIMP could be much of the same, if not more like a Gothic Pokemon, but I'm not sure Heroes is the right way to describe it.  Hopefully it's something of a translation error.

But, I suppose I don't really have any interest in the new relaunch, however you cut it, so the naming doesn't really bother me a whole lot.  They are painted and from these photos, the bases are back.  So they certainly look to be aimed at the Skylander crowd, like we first thought.  I just hope they are successful in that crowd so HIMP or MIMP or PIMP or whatever else they call it can bring new people into the hobby someday.  That's the hope at least.


  1. Hmm still no news on this line. wonder if it was squashed.

    1. Yeah, I'm right there with you. Seems like we would have heard something by now, if anything was planned.