April 20, 2015

Onion Fights Super Festival 68 Exclusive Keshi!

Curses to Onion Fights and a general hex to Japanese conventions I can never attend.  May you awake an angry Godzilla for making such amazing looking keshi that will never reach my hands.

That's right, everyone, Onion Fights are back at it again, launching another amazing convention exclusive, this time in the form a character called The Momo Taroh.

The Momo Taroh will be released at Super Festival 68, far away from me, in Tokyo Japan, Sunday, April 26th.  If it sounds like I am bitter, it's because I am.  Onion Fights are turning to be one of the most coveted Kinnikuman throwbacks out there, in not just rarity but quality too.  They are sold literally only in Japan, and in most cases, exclusive to particular conventions, with the Punk Drunker collaboration I zoned-out through being one of a possible few exceptions.

I'd have to imagine this is because there could only be a small team working the Onion Fights productions.  Let's not forget, this is the same country with world-class, five-star, sushi restaurants with only two seats and an old man.  If this could be something of the case, making world-wide releases might overwhelm them in product demands.

The hope of the westerners lies in California's Designer Con later this fall, and whether or not Onion Fights attends.  If they do, and let's say annually, we finally might see Onion Fights more commonly here in the States.  It would certainly save a riot or two.

Here's the link for Super Festival 68!

And for Onion Fights!

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