April 25, 2015

Shamrock Arrow Superfest 68 Exclusive Drop!

While everyone in the States are either attending C2E2 this weekend, or keeping their ears to the ground for exciting geeky news happening there, it's easy to forget Superfest 68 is pretty much happening at the same time in Tokyo.

Generally keeping to model kits and toys, Superfest is seeing plenty of independent keshi releases to keep us collectors salivating.

Superfest 68 sees the release of the purple colorway of Shamrock Arrow's Ninja Heaven miniature.  Previously made in both black and flesh tone, this clawed badass' indigo clone could very well round out anyone's keshi ninja army.

Sadly, much like a lot of Japanese convention exclusives, it sometimes is pretty hard to purchase a piece without attending.  I would still suggest you try - you never know what happens - even with a possible language barrier.

Check out these links for more info!

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