April 15, 2015

Kaiju Big Battel Keshi Prototypes!

Released on their Facebook page, the people at Kaiju Big Battel have some little rubber miniatures in the works, and they looks pretty gnarly.

If you new to Kaiju Big Battel, they are an independent wrestling federation out of New York, but to just call them a wrestling company would not cover exactly what they did.  They are a mash-up of many Japanese influences, from giant Godzilla-like monsters, to armored Power Ranger-like heroes, and everything in between.  It's exactly as wild as you can imagine, so you definitely need to take a good at them to believe the hype.

I've been a fan of Kaiju Big Battel for years now, even back when they were doing business out of Boston.  I remember when there was two Plantain brothers and Silver Potato wasn't evil.  In fact, it might be safe to say, my Kaiju Big Battel DVDs outnumber all the other wrestling DVDs I own, so as you may guess, I am pretty psyched to see one of my favorite wrestling companies find themselves into tiny rubber wrestling figures as well.

Above are pictures of Dr. Cube, the main villain, and Baby Skydeviler, and both of them are looking really awesome.  This is probably because the have been through the hands of George Gaspar of October Toys, who always does really great work with whatever he does.

These guys are still only works-in-progress, so expect more updates when they are released, but do yourself a good deed today and check out the craziness that is Kaiju Big Battle at their website below.


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