April 10, 2015

Universe 481 Smoke Grey Anomalies Drop!

Ni's Stuff over at Universe 481 has always been an awesome sister site for your Glyos/Onell collection, when you're getting that space-man itch.

They specialize in the Outlander character and his story, lost through deep space.  You'll find many science-fiction bits and pieces, as well as things completely alien and otherworldly, released seasonally to integrate with your other Gylos figures.

He has even released a mini-figure set called The Anomalies, which look to be alien lifeforms of some sort.  I've always been a big fan of these, and maybe this is a cardinal sin to most independent toy collectors, but I enjoy the Anomalies more than Glyos stuff.

This Saturday, April 11th, at 8pm EST, 481 Universe is dropping a new Smoke Grey Accessory pack, full of extra alien heads, weapons, helmets, joints, and Anomalies.  Granted, yes, if the new Anomalies look really nice to you, you are sort of getting the shaft here, having to buy the whole pack, if, like me, that's all you really want.

There is good news however, a new section of the web-store allows you to buy previous Anomalies and other goodies separately!  And for $2 a piece or $5 for a pack of six, there is no reason to make your keshi collection a little more lost in space.

Check out the link below!


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