April 30, 2015

Atomicron Micro Mini-figures!

I don't know if it's felt like it on your side, but on mine, it certainly feels like the last few days nothing has happened on the keshi front.  All the conventions wrapped up, all the toys were released and purchased, and now everyone is just relaxing and recuperating.

Despite all that, I really have been keeping an eye out for something to post about, and finally today I found something, by the way of Italy, I wanted to talk about.

They are called Atomicron and they are hitting European toy stores just now.  These figures are super small, maybe hanging around an inch, but if you have some chibi Kinnikuman, they might fit well with them, but what is particularly cool is how generous they are with the portion.

Granted they are too small for purists' liking and with some paint application, but you get a giant assortment in a single blister pack, with the option to grab extra in blind bag form.  If nothing else, think of it as a revamping of a bag of army men, but with an alien/monster vibe, and for them to throw so many little figures in the hands of kids and collectors, I can totally get behind that.

With even just a couple packages, you could be looking at +100 micro-figures to battle all across the floor.  That's really only a bad thing when you miss a couple and step on them sometime later that night.

So, if grading had to be given out, the keshi purist would give these guys four-hundred thumbs down, but the kid inside me gives it four-hundred and one thumbs up, so it's pretty much a wash.  If these guys ever find themselves in the States, pick some up.  Who knows, maybe other companies will take note and offer more figures as well?  How can that turn out bad for us?



  1. I bought a blind bag yesterday, it contained a tank and two "Carbon" minifigures. I was a bit disappointed, because the paint app was rather sloppy, maybe becausу they were produced by "Giochi Preziosi Hong Kong". Not sure, whether they are boolegged or not. But $2.5 for 3 minifigures is rather a decent price in Russia.

    1. I've always wondered with some minifigure lines, if the paint is going to look really bad, why even do it? Of course, I'd prefer them bare, but oh well. Thanks for the blind bag info!