April 17, 2015

Ironhaus X Eric Nilla Mini Murderball!

Many 80's toys are seeing influence in today's independent toy scene, and for good reason, the toys back in the day were awesome!

This blog alone follows the niche community still following tiny rubber gumball wrestlers from the 80's, essentially, but there are numerous other toy lines held close to collectors hearts.

One such toy line is the Madball franchise, that transformed all sorts of outside athletic stuffs into screaming insane characters.  The baseball with the giant tongue is probably the most popular, but I've always felt the football character was the one to have.

Mashing up keshi into their own design inspired by Madball, instead called Murderball, are independent artists Ironhaus and Eric Nilla, and from the early pictures coming out, there is good reason to be excited.

As much as I've always enjoyed the designs of Madballs, I've never had the itch to start collecting the toys again.  It may be weird, but but I'm a shelf person.  I like to unbox or unwrap the toys and have them on a shelf nearby.  I think I never considered getting back into Madballs, because I'm uncertain how they would rest where I'd keep them.  I don't know.  Maybe I'm worried they were roll around too much.

I hope the Murderball finds himself a good sturdy resting position, because I think I'd really enjoy this character, especially holding it in my hands.  I'll certainly be keeping an eye out, as the project continues.



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