April 3, 2015

Looking Good, ROTB!

LittleRubberGuys sent out what I can only assume to be super important press-only email, because sometime I like to feel that special too, giving a glimpse of new retooled and reworked Rise of the Beasts minifigures.

The lot has seen many adjustments and alterations, from the ant characters antenna to the lizard man's tail, and I think they look damn good and ready for print, but I'm sure I am being a bit too impatient.

The new series will see weapons for the characters too, just not included in the picture, along with a new variant scorpion head, you know, cause just collecting all the colorways wasn't hardcore enough!

I'm really excited for these guys, and I think they will be hitting the LRG web store before too long, so keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground.


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