April 14, 2015

Keshi Drop Exclusive First Look: MWOTR Series Two!

Yes!  Finally!  After six-hundred failed attempts and a half-dozen lockouts, we shameless nerds at Keshi Drop have hacked the official Mystical Warriors of the Ring database and found all the good stuff we've been waiting for!  In retrospect, of course I should have tried 'NWO4LYFE' as the password much earlier, but you know what, hindsight is always 20/20.  Cut us some slack!

Of course, I am only joking.  Truth is, somehow without any underhanded tactics or chair shots to the brain pan, we have the opportunity to reveal the first look of the brand spanking new Mystical Warriors of the Ring Series Two mini-figures, here and only here first!  Booyah!  In yo' face, Internet!  Get steppin', I'm big time now, kid!

Whoa... I'd one terrible celebrity, wouldn't I?  Maybe it's good that I'm on this side of the computer doing the typing, just so my head doesn't inflate too large and I can't lift it off the V key.  Okay, past that though,  Mark of the MWOTR crew has been very kind to us once again and generously given us the first whack with his new wrestlers, so before we dig in and take a good look at all these new guys, I want to thank Mark again for yet another awesome solid.  Thanks!  You rule, dude!

Okay, first, a little back-story for those just hopping on.  It was revealed earlier that the second colorway for Goliath would be metallic black.  Aside from it being a popular variant, there was also a secret reason why, and now we know that it's because Goliath will also match the Series Two Warriors coming out as well.

Series Two is seeing the addition of three fan-favorite characters hitting the apron for the first time.  Introducing first, Sheldon Sabre's favorite punching bag, Ulric Wolfrom, in his Issue #1 ring gear.  It's about time we had the hero of the story come to PVC, and in shiny black, the lone wolf looks quite menacing.  Secondly, we have either Leo, Leander, or anyone else from the Corazon lion wrestling family, depending how you want to customize your miniatures.  I expect this proud guy will be a very popular one, because you know us keshi collectors, we're going to have to have one for every brother and cousin until we have our own Hart Dungeon of lions.  Last but not least, we have Ulric's sister, Yvonne Wolfrom.  She's the very first female character in MWOTR and in this series we see her in her manager gear that she wears working with Lapin Loco.

The new colorway for Evolution: Goliath and the new Series Two set will going sale first at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo April 24th-26th, with any extras that make it out alive hitting the MWOTR web-store shortly after.  If you're making it to C2E2 this year, there is a great reason to track down this drop.  Not only will you have the pleasure of snagging a bundle of all the new releases, including both Series Two and black Goliath, for a scant $15, but with that steal, you'll also see army building possibilities open up for you as well.  Corazon family, anyone?

And you know the crew from MWOTR, they will have much more than just these hot black keshis at their booth.  Teased from their website, they have a new sticker of Sheldon Sabre to plaster all over Chi Town as well as the new Issue #4 comic set in the MWOTR world.  The best course of action is just to drop by their booth, bright and early, and grab 'em while the grabbin' is good.

If you can't make it to C2E2, just understand it's going to be a battle royale in their web-store.  Bookmark their site and check regularly.  Once they announce when the convention extras drop, if there are any, you'll want to write on your calendar or enter it into your planner or whatever.  You'll want to be very aggressive getting these guys.  Goliath in metallic green sold out in hours of release, and I expect the very same with this new bunch.  You'll want to be there, smashing your F5 key into oblivion, at the exact time of the exact day, because these guys are the American-version of those insanely tough convention-only keshis we really only hear about from Japan.

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