April 2, 2015

Toy Haul 04/02/15 Awesome Forum Member Edition

Here's a little bit larger of a haul for you, and really, for me, it's quite a special one.

The post I wrote about keeping your trading as low risk as possible wasn't inspired from events other than my own, and even ones pretty recently.

It's tough when a sale or a trade bottoms out, and at least how I feel about it, being left hanging about it all is the worst part.  It doesn't get lower than feeling you don't have any power in a situation, not even to find some sort of closure like the post office losing a package and moving on.  Always having to wonder and remain optimistic is torture, at least for me.  Having an ending is important, good or bad, just so it's done.

I had voiced some concern about a recent trade to moderators on a toy forum, and they were completely awesome about.  They were able to provide contact information I didn't have, and were able to help me resolve it pretty quickly.  And to go beyond what I needed a hand with, one of them, free of charge, sent me a care package of Track Pack minifigures from his own collection for the trouble someone else caused.

I have a hunch he'd like to remain anonymous, but hopefully he sees this and knows how awesome of a gesture it was for me and how much it really means.  Yeah, sure, the Trashies are awesome and a lot of them I don't have, but it's far beyond that.  It's not just the little gross toys, it's that someone knew and felt, maybe even related, to my situation and wanted to give me a hand.  It's rare in this world to have someone else's back like that, even if you know the person, let alone strangers over the Internet, but it's awesome to find them when you do.  People like this are rarer and more valuable than the hardest to find chase minifigure, and it's great to know they exist in the keshi community.

Again, thanks man!  I hope you enjoy the care package I sent back!

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