April 18, 2015

Presale Monochrome HIMP Hit Auction?!

If you too are getting a little too confused and overwhelmed by all this relaunched Monster In My Pocket stuff over on French Ebay, well, you certainly won't be alone.

I've been covering what feels like every step of the process, even down to speculation when deadlines were being missed on a consistantly.  Then things just randomly started hitting auctions overseas and the dam of strangeness just blew and released a flood of weird happenings over the course of maybe a month or two now.

We've seen them transformed into what we can expect to be NFC videogame figures, like Skylanders/Amiibos, and even renamed to Heroes In My Pocket.  Now, it looks like they are coming in some form of monochromatic minifigure, as well.

It's hard to figure what is actually going on here.  They are listed only on French Ebay, with somewhat of a language barrier.  Communication is touch and go, to say the least.  Certainly nothing official from the company itself, that we can be sure of.  So it's difficult to say whether or not a "classic" line will see a release with the videogame figures or they are only here on auctions for die-hard collectors.  There is some sort of chase program going on here, with the little golden dragon character teasing the fact there are super-rares to collect of some determination.

Okay, that's all I got on the weirdness that is HIMP for now, but never worry, I'm sure more is on the way.

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