April 21, 2015

Day Of The Slug Wave 2 Drop!

One toy series we unfairly overlook quite a lot here is the beloved classic Mini Boglins.  I have a few myself and nothing really captures that gross-factor and silliness like those classics, but the throwback homage Day of the Slug by BigManToys certainly fits the bill as well.

If you like your keshi short and stout, to possibly pair with your favorite Mini Boglin, I suggest you drop by BigManToys' website very soon.

Wave 2 of their Day of the Slug series is dropping April 25th at 11pm GMT in a great number of colorways and rubber/resin formats.  From glittered and neon solids, BigManToys has your slug needs covered.  Also, there are sale packages of Wave 1 still available to catch you up as well.

Check it out!

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